Mbale, Uganda


Last year Jenga celebrated 10 years of working in Mbale, bringing Jesus' love to many. The number of people who have benefitted from Jenga goes up to 30,000+. Over the last year, they have increased their work with the malnutrition ward at the general hospital, where many of the parents are ostracised due to AIDS. At the same hospital, they have been permitted to work with the mental health patients with their own fully trained psychiatric nurses. They are planning to work more closely with the street kids as well as adults and children in prisons.

South Sudan


The prime aim of the school is to encourage the development of a professional class of people to hold office in the future in law, politics, medicine, engineering and education and so encourage the development of this new country in holding democratic and Christian values.

The Muerasses


Orlando and Lisa Muerasse are in the north of Mozambique, leading a team under their charity, Pastos Verdes. They are sharing the gospel through many community development programmes, and are soon to finish the building, opening a childrens home for orphaned boys. 
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ruth radley
south sudan


Ruth is a mission partner with CMS (Church Mission Society) and has lived and worked in South Sudan for 8 years. Together with an amazing team, Ruth works with churches in Yei Town, and government representatives in helping the holistic needs of children be met by training trainers to train others. It is hoped that this work will also stretch to the community when donors to fund the work are found. Ruth also has the privilege of assisting in training teachers once a year at a local theological college.  

martin hayter


Martin believes in integral mission where the Kingdom of God is both proclaimed and demonstrated. He is currently focused on providing pastors with training in church leadership and mission strategy, with a particular emphasis on equipping the church for mission amongst pastoralist peoples. 

Miriam Knowles


Miriam is an Occupational Therapist in Iringa, Tanzania, with CMS (Church Mission Society). She  works in the Therapy Department at a project in Iringa called Neema Crafts (which employs disabled adults to make crafts to sell).  She primarily works with children with disability and the adults employed at the project.