Safeguarding at SMB

At SMB we want to make everyone feel welcome and safe. To help with this, Philip and Liz Lewis act as our Vulnerable Adult Coordinators and Lizzie Worthen as our Child Protection Officer. Their roles include looking out for those within SMB who may need support. They are also available to speak to about any issues or concerns you may have. Please contact the Church Office if you would like to be put in touch with them or speak to them on a Sunday. 

Every volunteer who helps with children and youth work has to complete an application form, a DBS check and two references. We run regular vulnerable adult and child protection training for those on teams. Please contact the Church Office if you wish to help with the children and youth work or be involved in other ministries and we'll put you in touch with the right people. 




We are committed to a child protection and vulnerable adults policy in line with the Canterbury Diocese. This is reviewed annually by the PCC. 

We have an eSafety policy we use with our children and young people based on the Diocese Guidelines.

If you need to talk with someone outisde of church the Child Line number is 0800 1111