Youth Registration and Consent Form


Please Note - by completing this form, we will use this information for any SMB event during the year, however you will still be asked to sign a permission slip for events.
(Please tick for 'yes')

Do you give permission for your child's details to be stored on the parish database?   

Do you give permission for your child to leave independently at the end of the Sunday morning session?  

In an emergency and/or if I am not contactable, do you give permission for doctor/hospital or dental treatment including an anaesthetic.   

  Photographs may be taken at events throughout the year. These images may appear in our printed publications, on our website, or both, no names will be printed.


To comply with the Data Protection Act 1998, permission must be granted by the parent/carer before any images of your child/children are taken and used. Please answer the questions below.

Do you give permission for your child's photograph to be taken?  

May we use your child's image in our printed promotional publications?   

May we use your child's image on the SMB Youth Facebook page, Twitter account and Instagram account?  

May we use your child's image on our website?   
  (Please note that websites can be seen throughout the world, and not just in the United Kingdom, where UK law applies.)

Please check the above details and ensure you update the group leader with any changes during the year.

I give permission for my child to take part in the normal activities of this group. I understand that while involved he/she will be under the control and care of the group leader and/or other adults approved by the church/organisation leadership and that, while the staff in charge of the group will take all reasonable care of the children, they cannot necessarily be held responsible for any loss, damage or injury suffered by my child during, or as a result of, the activity.  



Our vision is to be a group with our eyes fixed on Jesus, seeking to grow deeper in our relationships with Him and be rooted in love for the gospel and each other. During our meetings we spend time in worship, read the Bible together and create space for ministry too. We also make sure we have shed loads of fun, laughter and games! If you’re in school years 7-13 do come and check us out.


Luke Bristowe



Older Youth

Older Youth is our meeting for 14 -18’s We meet every Sunday at 6.30pm for the evening service, before heading off to the Mezz to continue with our own session, finishing at 9pm.

We are passionate about deepening our relationships with God and our friendships with each other. We aim to make our sessions “safe places” where young people can explore & develop their spiritual gifts and calling. We know that at 18 many will go to university or enter the world of work so we focus on discipling young people and nurturing their gifts, so that they can go out, love the world, and serve God in everyday living.

When: Sunday evenings (after the evening service)

Time: 6.30pm – 9pm (ish)

Where: SMB, 59 Nunnery Fields, CT1 3JN

Age: School years 10-13

younger youth

Younger Youth is for our 11-14 year olds. We meet on Sunday mornings in the Mezz level (next to the big ‘Youth banner’). 

So often the lost generation in churches all around our nation, we recognize that building and investing in our 11-14s is one of the most important aspects of our ministry here. Transitioning young people from children’s work to youth work is always a challenge and although we aim to make this as smooth as possible, younger youth is designed to equip our young people to live radical lives for Jesus and seeks to extend God’s Kingdom here in Canterbury.

When: Sunday mornings (exept whole church Sundays)

Time: 10.30am, we normally head out of the service around 10.45

Where: SMB, 59 Nunnery Fields, CT1 3JN

Age: School years 7-9

Soul Survivor Week b

Each year in August we jump on a coach and head over to Peterborough for a week of camping- I know, sounds pretty nuts! Throughout the week there’s time to worship, learn more about God and experience his Holy Spirit as well as have heap loads of fun along with thousands other young people from across the country.
Look out for more details, dates and costs throughout the year.


Throughout the year we organise various outings ranging from a trip to the beach to a BBQ at home. We’re always looking for new suggestions and ideas for socials so do get in touch if you’ve got a killer idea. Socials also provide a great opportunity for us to invite our friends along too! We’ll be in touch with any socials that are on the horizon, there may be a small cost.


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Each September we ask anyone who’s a member of SMB Youth to fill out our registration form.
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2016/2017 Registration Form

At SMB we take the safety of our young people seriously – you can find out more about our Safeguarding Policy here.