The Tap


The Tap is for those at SMB in their 20s and 30s, the post-graduation (though you don’t have to have gone to uni) pre-children stage of life (though you don’t have to be planning on having children!).

We recognise that this is a unique time in life; this group presents a chance to receive focused teaching, and for us to meet with people in that same phase of life in order to develop friendships at church.

We strongly encourage you to be part of a fellowship group for weekly discipleship and support but come along to the Tap to get to know other people you may have seen around church.

If you have any questions about The Tap, please speak to Stephen ( or any member of the committee.
We look forwards to meeting you!

TheTAP Committee: Tom Briant / Rachel Brooke / Flic Burgess / Stephen Carter / Dave Raffell / Sophie Raffell / Tom Gilbert / Toby Ovenden / Susannah Taylor

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upcoming tap events

29 Jan    1-3pm    Lunch & Board Games @SMB
3 Feb      7.30pm  Lazar Rush
12 Feb    8.30pm  Pub Social
21 Feb    7pm       Teaching “What am I supposed to be doing with my life?” @SMB
26 Feb    1-3pm    Pancakes @SMB – bring a topping
19 Mar    1-4pm    TAP Walk
2 Apr      1-3pm    Lunch & Foodbank update @SMB
14 Apr    9.30am  Litter Picking, Brunch, then Hour at the Cross 3pm
16 Apr    1-3pm    Host a Roast
30 Apr    8.30pm  Pub (SMB Bring&Share in Morning Service)


tap Fellowship Groups

We strongly encourage you to be part of a Fellowship Group for weekly discipleship and support.

When: Wednesday or Thursday night

Time: 7:30/8pm

Where: Different living rooms around Canterbury