Fellowship Groups

Discipleship is: “Choosing to walk in the steps of Jesus in every area of our lives, every day.”

One of the ways that we enable ourselves to do that is to commit ourselves to being part of the local church, to commit to attending on Sundays to meet with other Christians, to worship and to hear from his Word. We need this as we go back into our workplaces, our mission fields, where we are on the front line, being Christ’s presence to our colleagues and friends. 
We also need to meet in smaller groups to help us process things more deeply, to be cared for, and to be equipped and inspired through the week. 

We us the word fellowship because it literally means ‘having in common.’ 2 or more persons can be said to have fellowship with one another when they have something in common. James and John were sharers with Simon in their common pursuit of fishing; Paul and Titus shared in a common faith; the believers share in the grace of God, in Jesus Christ and in the spiritual gifts. 
At SMB our Fellowship Groups are there to help:

1. Grow our Common Faith
We gather together as Christians in Fellowship Groups because we have a common interest in Jesus; he is central whether we’re young or old, rich or poor. 

2. Ensure our Pastoral Care
Our Fellowship Groups are the primary place where pastoral care takes place across the church. When life is difficult we can gather around people and provide for their practical needs as well as their spiritual ones.
3. Shape us for holiness
We believe that we are all called to look more like Jesus. Fellowship is a great place for that to happen so that our character begins to look more like His character. 

4. Equip us for mission
And as we are sharpened and purified, we will be more equipped to witness to Christ, to be missionaries in our workplace, with our neighbours and our friends. We also encourage all the groups to be engaged with mission through the local community or hosting an event – the PCC offers £100 to each group every year for this purpose. 

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