Mbale, Uganda


At Jenga, we are continually looking for ways to show God's love to the local community. Last year it became quite clear we were to move forward with the communities on the mountain by starting our own coffee growing business. Here we grow our own alongside the locals own crop and then offer to buy theirs at a very good price. We are building good relationships and talking to them about Jesus.

South Sudan


Juba Diocesan Model Secondary School began in May 2007 as a co-educational Christian Secondary School for students from the local 6 Basic Schools. Those who were eligible could then progress through the 3 year Course that the School provides and continue to University. As most of the female population are illiterate and innumerate, a basic premise was to ensure that 50% of the stuent population was female.

The Muerasses


Orlando and Lisa Muerasse work with their charity, Pastos Verdes, in the North of Mozambique. They and their team are committed to sharing the gospel in their community through many children, youth and Mum's groups and community development projects which include health care and evangelism. 
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martin hayter


Martin has been called to minister amongst the very poorest and most marginalised peoples in Uganda. He serves on the leadership team of Child of Hope, a Christian charity impacting the lives of thousands of children in the largest slum in Eastern Uganda. He also works closely with hundreds of church leaders, with an emphasis on equipping and supporting the church as it carries out mission amongst unevangelised nomadic peoples.

Miriam Knowles


Miriam is an Occupational Therapist in Iringa, Tanzania, with CMS (Church Mission Society). She  works in the Therapy Department at a project in Iringa called Neema Crafts (which employs disabled adults to make crafts to sell).  She primarily works with children with disability and the adults employed at the project.