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Koinonia is a Greek word usually translated fellowship; it is also used by the New Testament writers to describe our relationship with our fellow believers or even as a word for the church itself. This is what we are as the people of God, as the church we are fellowship - more than friendship, more than just family, we are partners, we have communion, we are one.
This is the reason we call our small groups ‘Fellowship Groups’ because that is what we hope they will be. Places of Koinonia where each member of SMB can find fellowship and contribute to the communion and fellowship that we have with each other and with God.  These Fellowship Groups are central to our life and fellowship together as a church and we hope that every member of SMB is a member of a Fellowship Group.

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Living church

Living Church was a series in 2015 of eight gatherings split over two parts. The first four sessions we gathered together in the church for worship and teaching, leading into group discussions in our Fellowship Groups. The second part we gathered in homes in our Fellowship Groups while studying using the same material across all the groups. 

The evenings were loosely based on John Stott's book 'The Living Church' and the topics are taken from the characteristics of the earliest church we see in Acts 2: 42-47. 

If you would like to listen to any of the talks from the first four sessions that we had in the church,
you can do so on our Latest Talks page.

Living Church Talks