Summer 21

SMB Students is an undergraduate community following Jesus together, to become like Jesus, to do the things that He did. In line with the SMB’s vision, we want to Be Holy and Be a Blessing! 
Together we do this through meeting together for worship, teaching, discussion and prayer.  All undergraduates in Canterbury are most welcome to come and join us!


Stephen Carter


What's happening this term?

Thursdays Summer 21

Sunday Socials Summer 21

Leavers Invitation Summer 21

Student Ministry Team // Stephen Carter, Nathan Marsh, Jacob Nicholson


Each Student Night will begin with an act of worship. Our teaching for the Summer term continues in the Gospel of Matthew. Each evening will transition into discussion between six people and end with offering prayer.

During this term we're beginning by meeting online for our Thursday Gatherings.

When: Thursdays (during term-time)

Time:  7.30pm start

Where: Online or SMB, 59 Nunnery Fields, CT1 3JN


Book onto our Sunday Gatherings for either 9:30 or 11:00, then why not stay for one of our Sunday Socials. If you're in your final year at uni then we also have a Leavers Support Group meeting at church over four Sunday Evenings. Please see flyer above for more details.

Matthew teaching series

The book of Matthew is the first book named in the New Testament (though not the first written!) and thus acts as a hinge between the Old Testament and the New. It helps us understand why Jesus is the fulfilment of hope, allows us to examine a number of Jesus’ claims, and gives us an amazing insight into what he taught his disciples and how he discipled them too. If we want to grow as disciples of Jesus then Matthew’s Gospel is a great place to start! 


On the last Thursday of each month, instead of focusing on Matthew we’re starting ‘Big Questions’ exploring some apologetic and ethical questions that are raised. Let Stephen know if there's a Big Question you'd like answered. There’ll be more details on that later!