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SMB Students is an undergraduate community following Jesus together, to become like Jesus, to do the things that He did. In line with the SMB’s vision, we want to Be Holy and Be a Blessing! 
Together we do this through meeting together for worship, teaching, discussion and prayer. All undergraduates in Canterbury are most welcome to come and join us!


Stephen Carter


What's happening this term?

Date Meeting Focus Spiritual Disc.
24 September No Meeting (CU Events Online)    
01 October Student Night Talk #1 Reading scripture
08 October Student Night Talk #2 Worship
15 October Student Night Talk #3 Prayer
22 October Student Night Talk #4 Accountability
29 October Student Night Big Questions #1 Testimonies
05 November Student Night Talk #5 Giving
12 November Student Night Talk #6 Service
19 November Student Night Talk #7 Sabbath
26 November Student Night Big Questions #2 Intercession
03 December Student Night Talk #8 Solitude
10 December Student Night Talk #9 Hospitality
17 December Student Night Talk #10 Celebration

Student Ministry Team // Stephen Carter, Nathan Marsh, Jacob Nicholson, Katherine Turner


Each Student Night will begin with an act of worship and introduce a spiritual discipline for the week ahead. Our teaching for the Autumn term will begin with the Gospel of Matthew (Ch 1-4), which we’ll periodically return to complete over the next couple of years. Each evening will transition into discussion between six people and end with offering prayer.

As you enter on our Thursday Night Student Service we'll be asking you to adhere to the same guidelines as you would on a Sunday. We’re confident we’ll be able to socially distance with the numbers we’re expecting. Whilst we won’t be able to sing we will continue to grow as a worshipping community. Every student will be able to receive prayer.

Student Nights will look as follows:
7.15   Doors open (signing in for T&T, masks etc.) Find a seat promptly.
7.30   Worship / Practicing a Spiritual Discipline / Testimonies
7.45   Matthew talk / Or a ‘Big Questions’ intro
7.55   Possible Q & A
8.00   Mix Six (each week a different six as directed by Student Champion)
8.25   Finish evening praying together
8.30   Leave as the six!

When: Thursdays (during term-time)

Time: Doors open 7.15pm for a 7.30pm start

Where: SMB, 59 Nunnery Fields, CT1 3JN


Whilst there won’t be any planned Sunday student gatherings this term, Sunday is still an opportunity for groups of up to six to build community, demonstrate hospitality, practice evangelism. Maybe you could have lunch with your housemates and share something of your church experience that morning? Whilst government restrictions allow groups of six, we will both respect this but also make the most of this opportunity.

Matthew teaching series

The book of Matthew is the first book named in the New Testament (though not the first written!) and thus acts as a hinge between the Old Testament and the New. It helps us understand why Jesus is the fulfilment of hope, allows us to examine a number of Jesus’ claims, and gives us an amazing insight into what he taught his disciples and how he discipled them too. If we want to grow as disciples of Jesus then Matthew’s Gospel is a great place to start! 
Talk #1 Matthew 1:1-17 Who are my people? Application – what does it mean for me to be part of the people of God? What does it mean for me to be a Christian at uni? Where are the gaps in my knowledge of the story of the people of God? How am I going to encounter Jesus in reading scripture this year?
Talk #2 Matthew 1:18-25 How does God make himself known? Exploring the question of who is Jesus, why he came and what this means for us. How does God speak to you? What things is God asking you to trust him in during this season?
Talk #3 Matthew 2:1-12 Why do we worship Jesus? What does it mean for you to worship Jesus in this season?
Talk #4 Matthew 2:13-23 Why does God allow evil and suffering? Could also explore themes in Psalm 90. Why does God allow some people to suffer whilst others get saved/healed/rescued?
Talk #5 Matthew 3:1-12 How can I produce good fruit? What does confession and repentance look like in your life?
Talk #6 Matthew 3:13-17 What has my baptism got to do with my identity? How does the world understand identity? Why do we baptise?
Talk #7 Matthew 4:1-11 How can I trust God in the tough times? How am I tempted? What’s going to help me not give into temptation?
Talk #8 Matthew 4:12-17 Why did Jesus talk about the kingdom of heaven so much? How can we live like the kingdom is near?
Talk #9 Matthew 4:18-22 What does it mean to follow Jesus? What or who have you have had to leave behind? Who do you follow Jesus in company with? What does it cost you to follow Jesus?
Talk #10 Matthew 4:23-25 How can we proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ in word and action? Does God heal today? How can I pray for others? In what ways can I proclaim the good news of the kingdom? (Small groups to respond together practically – maybe healing or intentionally sharing faith in some way)


On the last Thursday of each month, instead of focusing on Matthew we’re starting ‘Big Questions’ exploring some apologetic and ethical questions that are raised. Let Stephen know if there's a Big Question you'd like answered. There’ll be more details on that later!