The PCC is the elected group that oversees the running of the church. 

Following the 2018 AGM, we are delighted to announce three new members elected to the PCC, Chloe Baxter, Andy King and Jacob Nicholson. Rosemary Wade was re-elected to PCC. Also a new member was elected to the Deanery Synod, Alistair Bassett. Martin Collings and Lizzie Worthen were appointed Churchwardens.

Many thanks go to Graham Bough, Callum Elwood, Anne Ovenden and, of course, Marian Nicholson for all they have contributed as they stood down this year. 

martin collings
church warden
Martin Collings

Lizzie Worthen
Lizzie Worthen


simon webster

Simon Webster

philip lewis
vulnerable adults coordinator

Philip Lewis

svenja powell

secretary (ex-officio)
Svenja Powell

Alistair Bassett

Alistair Bassett small

Zac Bawtree
Zac Bawtree zoom
Chloe Baxter
Chloe Baxter

karien downes
Karien Downes

Tom Gilbert
Tom Gilbert small

Margaret Griffin
Margaret Griffin

Andy King
Andy King small

sam locke
Sam Locke

harry macdonald
Harry Macdonald

Jacob Nicholson
Jacob Nicholson small
Charlotte Sleigh
Charlie Sleigh small

rosemary wade
Rosemary Wade

Andrew Willmoth
Andy Willmoth small