Let us pray!


Online Morning Prayer Mon-Thurs
9:10am - 9:30am

You are welcome to join us - email the SMB office for the zoom link


Prayer Rhythms

I hope this booklet will encourage us to pray individually and together as a church. As we all seek to grow together in prayer we will find that we are united more with one another through this ‘Rhythm of Prayer’. We don’t need to be monks or part-time nuns in order to experience the presence and power of God through prayer. We hope that as we pray ‘together’ we will know that we are not praying alone but alongside one another, morning, noon and night. - Barney

As part of our response Covid-19 lockdown, we are now holding our Morning Prayer online.  If you’d like to join the Staff Team at 9.10am each weekday morning, you are very welcome to do so.  We follow Common Worship with Psalm & New Testament ‘Bible In One Year’ readings.  ORDINARY TIME MORNING PRAYER WORDS    CHRISTMAS MORNING PRAYER WORDS      

Prayer Rhythms Booklet

To join in with these prayer rhythms, take a look through our booklet: