The Muerasses

The Muerasses

Orlando and Lisa Muerasse work with their charity, Pastos Verdes, in the North of Mozambique with 3 other team members. They share the gospel in the local community through many children’s, youth, healthcare, evangelism, discipleship, humanitarian and vocational training programs. The Boys’ Home for orphans opened in April 2017 with their first three boys. They will slowly build this number up until the Home is full. Click the picture to read their latest newsletter. If you would like to receive their newsletter by email or to get involved, please email: For other updates see their Facebook page.

Update March 2023:

Orlando and Lisa Muerasse work with their charity, Pastos Verdes, in the North of Mozambique ( and Facebook). They share the good news of Jesus with their local community, through many programs. They work with: –

Orphans (They presently care for 7 Boys in the Home and Social Services will soon be providing them with 5 more);

Children and Youth (literacy classes; children’s club, football for young men);                                      

Health Care (Babies, pregnant Mums, 1st Aid advice, emergency hospital trips);

Evangelism/Teaching/Preaching (In the village, local churches and a Bible College);                                             

Food Project (Grow food for the orphanage and needy, odd jobs given for needy to earn/orphans to learn…);

They’re small team consists of 3.5 people at the moment. They need more volunteers to join them. If you would like to join them, receive their regular newsletter and/or support them or their work, send knits for the new babies and their siblings, sponsor a boy or a program… please email them at: to find out how to get involved.

Please pray for:
– the Lord to send us the right new team members

– protection, good health and wisdom for the team and our children as we serve here
– the orphan boys to grow well physically and in their faith
– the villagers, that they would want to know more about Jesus and give their lives to him