20s and 30s

20s and 30s

About us

SMB is a great place for those in their 20s and 30s to build community, friendships and to explore and grow your faith with others of a similar age and/or stage of life.  We have a vision to grow a community that will support, encourage and equip each other to be holy and be a blessing wherever God has placed us.

Each term there are socials, spontaneous trips for lunch or to the pub after church – generally lots of opportunities to eat, drink and hang out together! We also organise focused teaching events to help us to deepen our faith and understand how we live it out.  

We would also encourage you to join a Fellowship Group for weekly discipleship, support and community building.  There are some groups specifically for those in their 20s and 30s or groups with a mix of ages.  Groups meet on Wednesday or Thursday evenings around Canterbury.

If you are new to SMB, we’d love to meet you – look out for a 20s and 30s committee member at church or email Charmaine on cmuir@smb.org.uk.  Come and say hello we’d love to meet you and welcome you to SMB.


Saturday 13th January … join us for our Vision Evening!

7.15pm in the Upper Room at SMB

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